A GLASGOW TV star has revealed the hilarious story how Celtic boss Neil Lennon once lent him his tracksuit for a comedy sketch – and he returned it with a bottle of Blue Nun wine.

Jonathan Watson, best known for the hit Hogmanay show Only an Excuse?, persuaded commentator Chick Young to ask Lennon for his tracksuit for the show before a 2012 match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle – only for Celtic to lose the game which saw Lennon get involved in a row with supporters and threaten to resign.

But, the Celtic manager still agreed to lend his tracksuit to Watson, who later returned it with a bottle of the iconic German wine.

Glasgow Times: Celtic boss Neil Lennon Celtic boss Neil Lennon

Speaking to this week’s Football Daft podcast, Watson also talked about his favourite impressions, and revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson insists he can’t do the Man Utd legend’s thick Glaswegian accent.

Watson said: “I’ve got to say that all the clubs, particularly Rangers and Celtic, have been very, very good at supplying bits and bobs that we’ve needed and we wouldn’t be able to get in the shops. They’ve been good that way. 

“My favourite story about that, a number of years ago, not that long ago, I think it was Neil Lennon’s first spell as manager of Celtic, we were looking to do these sketches and we were having this production meeting, and the costume department said ‘we can’t get this Celtic tracksuit’.

“It was a green tracksuit with white, gold, and black on the inside collar, but it wasn’t on sale for the general public.

“So, I said ‘well, look, leave it with me, I’ll see what I can do’. So, I phoned Chick Young and said ‘listen, we’re trying to get hold of this tracksuit, do you think you could maybe ask Lenny if there’s a chance of getting hold of one?’

“And he said ‘I’m doing the Celtic-Inverness Caledonian game at the weekend, I’ll give him a shout’.

“So, he met him beforehand, doing the pre-match interviews, and at the end of it he said ‘listen, wee Johnny was asking, any chance of getting the trackie top? He’s looking to do a sketch’.

“And Lenny’s like that ‘oh, for f***’s sake, unbelievable’. So, he said ‘aye, that’ll be fine, that’ll be OK’.

“So, big Terry Butcher was manager of Inverness at the time, and remember Inverness beat them, and the crowd were going nuts, and Lenny had a big argument, a big set-to with some fans, and he was raging. 

Glasgow Times: Former Gers player Terry Butcher Former Gers player Terry Butcher

“And, of course, after-match interviews, big Terry’s on first, he’s full of beans. 

“Cuts to Lenny, he’s raging, and at the end of it, Chick said ‘Lenny, wee Johnny’s tracksuit? What do we do?’

“He ended up, to be fair, I think [Celtic kit man] John Clark went and got it, got it in a bag.

“I did the sketch, and then I gave it back to Chick and I put a bottle of Blue Nun in it.”

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