I AGREE wholeheartedly (Stewart Paterson: Why would Ruth Davidson merit a meal ticket for life in House of Lords?, Friday).

Abolish the Lords but don’t just attack the Tories.

It’s stuffed full of old Labour as well, while campaigning they all complain about the cuts the other parties have made and after each government leaves they never rescind them.

All the same in my book, which ever way you view it, they all leave us worse off.

Michael Kelly
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JUST a small point in regard to the debate about cars parking in cycle lanes and on pavements. 

Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought a law had been passed last year outlawing cars parking on pavements. If it was, why is the law not being enforced?


SO the First Minister has now decided to allow all children to return to school on August 18. Is that with masks and two metres distancing?

Staff spent days setting up schools for partial return, head teachers have spent their budget on safety equipment and postage to inform parents all for nothing.

Glasgow Times: John Swinney John Swinney

So now school staff are declared expendable as were care home residents and staff.

Can we ask who is advising the  First Minister? Hopefully not Mr Swinney as he has made woeful decisions in the past, along with the rest of this government.

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I’M travelling to West Yorkshire on holiday tomorrow (Nicola Sturgeon warns not to travel to North West England Lockdown areas, Glasgow Times online)

If folk can go to shopping centres, pubs, restaurants etc then, as long as you follow the health instructions, there shouldn’t be a problem. 

Good hygiene and face masks when out and about. 

Nicola Sturgeon is wanting us all to never leave Scotland to visit a country she isn’t keen on!

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HE was a very good player for Kilmarnock (Rangers winger Jordan Jones told he has no future at Ibrox, Glasgow Times online).

Glasgow Times: Jordan Jones, pictured in his Kilmarnock days Jordan Jones, pictured in his Kilmarnock days

A great shame that this move hasn’t worked out for him.

Ron Delnevo
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IF they have enough teachers why are they looking to recruit 1400 (John Swinney: Teachers anxiety is understandable but schools will be safe, Glasgow Times online)? 

I would want what these experts say in writing.

Betty McCormick
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STANDBY for yet another screeching handbraked turn!

Colin Docherty
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KIDS can all go back to schools together, bingo halls will open, pubs open, yet small groups of kids can’t do gymnastics until September (Tell us your thoughts on gyms remaining closed, Glasgow Times Facebook)? 

Makes no sense whatsoever. A lot of these clubs will end up closing their doors over this.

Angela Beck
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MORE chance of spreading virus involving people drinking alcohol than people trying to look after their fitness and wellbeing.

William Collins
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MOST gyms will go out of business due to this.

Joel Kamuzu Bandah
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