A River City duo have taken up a new role in Glasgow as they embark on a new adventure 'Coronabusters'.

The Pavilion Theatre uploaded the hilarious shoot starring Stephen Purdon and Grado on Friday. 

The two stars can be seen storming the streets of Glasgow, dressed head-to-toe in 'Coronabusters' attire as they hunt down 'corona'.

Sharing the video on Facebook, The Pavillion Theatre said: "On a lighter note, we were visited last week by the famous Coronabusters, who came along to burst any Coronas they could find!

"We hope that you enjoy this, and it was all a bit of fun for all involved.

"Watch out early next week for the outtakes, it’s even funnier!"

The sketch has since been shared hundreds of times and raked in hundreds of likes. 

The duo previously performed at the theatre in August last year as they starred in Rally Roon The Rangers.