A 95-YEAR-OLD homeowner is blasting police after she was referred to social work for reporting neighbours for anti-social behaviour.

Catherine McShane has lived at the property on Leslie Street in Pollokshields for over 30 years, with upstairs neighbours moving in last year.

Her daughter, Anne McShane, cares for her mother and told the Glasgow Times that their reports of anti-social behaviour are falling on deaf ears.

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Anne said: "The whole situation is a bit of a mess. My mum has lived here for more than 30 years and never had an issue.

"The neighbour that she had before moved out last year and and a new family moved in.

"They are loud and they shout, scream and swear at 3 o'clock in the morning, as well as doing so out on their veranda."

After countless reports to police and Southside Housing Association, who lease the flat to the neighbours in question, Anne has now said that her mother and herself have been referred to social work, being told that the living situation is no longer suitable for Catherine.

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Anne said: "I was astounded. My mother has lived here for over three decades and now they don't see it as a suitable place to stay.

"We have neighbours in the block who have said that they have seen the neighbours verbally abuse myself and my mother, but it a problem with my mother in their eyes."

Anne also says that her mother's health has been affected by the situation.

She said: "She is in her nineties, and I care for her so she is already needing that support. We have been told by a GP that her heath has deteriorated further by the stress of this, and the GP also told the housing officer how this has affected her health."

In response to Mrs McShane's situation, Inspector John Menzies of Gorbals Police Station said: "We can confirm that officers attended a property on Leslie Street in Glasgow on Tuesday, 28 July for a prearranged meeting with the residents and a partner agency.

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"It would be inappropriate to discuss the outcome of a private meeting. A number of reports have been received about noise at the property. However, officers have carried out enquiries on each occasion and no crimes have been established

"Police will always act where incidents are reported and ensure appropriate support is provided. We work closely with a number of partners including housing providers to deter and detect anti-social behaviour in residential areas and will take appropriate action where any offences are detected.

Anyone who has concerns about anti-social behaviour in their area is encouraged to contact police by calling 101 as promptly as possible."