TRANSPORT Scotland is set to receive £10m from Glasgow City Council for the refurbishment of High Street station.

A new build, modern and fully accessible station with “an improved presence” is being planned.

The station is currently in a “poor condition” and loses revenue due to the lack of ticket barriers.

Cash for the revamp will come from the Glasgow City Region City Deal, a more than £1billion investment by the Scottish and UK Governments in eight local authorities.

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Councillors are being asked to approve awarding the money to Transport Scotland when they meet on Thursday.

It will be used to cover professional, technical and construction fees to deliver the project.

High Street station, originally known as College, was built in 1866 and has two platforms serving the North Clyde line.

A council report states: “Currently, the station is in poor condition with limited pedestrian access, lack of modern facilities and does not comply with the Equalities Act.

“Ticket barriers are not in place resulting in a loss of revenue that could support development.”

It adds the project area “faces various social, economic and environmental challenges” which “present major barriers to investment”.

“Despite development and the provision of a new hotel in the area, significant private sector investment and regeneration are required for it to reach its potential."

The station is a “key gateway” into the area, used by 400,000 people per annum, and passenger numbers are estimated to reach 1.5m per year by 2043.

Back in 2017, the council appointed consultants for the development and design phases, with input from key stakeholders such as Transport Scotland and Network Rail.

A partnership working group, including the council, Transport Scotland and Network Rail, has been set up to plan the delivery of the station. It has decided the project should be delivered by 2025.

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The group recommended Transport Scotland is responsible for the work, with Network Rail as its delivery partner.

“Transport Scotland will be responsible for managing the project budget and identifying additional funds, should these be required,” the council report states.

A full business case will need to be approved by the Glasgow City Region: City Deal chief executives’ group.

The High Street station plans are part of the Collegelands Calton Barras project, which will receive £27m of City Deal money.

The scheme aims to “unlock” development potential in the area, attract jobs and create a better-connected place.

One related project is the redevelopment of the Glasgow Meat Market site, where more than 250 flats are being built.