FROM historic artwork, to some of Scotland's best pubs and restaurants, it's safe to say our city has so much to offer. 

Whether you are a born and bred Glaswegian or simply stopping by for a trip, you won't struggle to find something to do.

Our city is known throughout the world and, for the most part, people have been hugely impressed by the sights and smells of Glasgow. 

But, a cursory scroll on TripAdvisor uncovers the people you just cannot please.

Here are the scathing – and glowing – reviews of some of Glasgow's top attractions.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 

Glasgow Times: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is to host the exhibition (Danny Lawson/PA)

Home to artwork that ranges from Salvador Dali to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, pieces of Glasgow's history, and fun for people of all ages, Kelvingrove Art Gallery is loved by thousands every year. 

But, some users have been left pretty cold by the whole experience. 

One guest, who left a 'terrible' review, wrote: "This museum has a great collection but it is set up so that every room (even where their finest paintings hang) as a children's play area and 'learning center'.

"Do children really learn about art by putting square pegs in the square hole (or whichever one they might want to play with)?

"All of this 'fun' leads to almost constant screaming and a very unpleasant environment."

Another added: "It used to be informative, beautiful and a great place of wonder. Now its (sic) just your run of the mill 'use technology to teach the masses' museum." 

However, with more than 11,000 'excellent' reviews, it's safe to say these visitors are very much in the minority. 

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel

Glasgow Times:

Opened in 2011 on the banks of the River Clyde to replace the previous exhibit at the Kelvin Hall, the museum was named the 2013 European Museum of the Year. 

The vast majority of people who visit the Riverside leave thoroughly impressed with one guest writing in May: "We really enjoyed ourselves at the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. Such a wide range of exhibits all under the same roof and so well set out."

Others have been less impressed with the new building, which was designed by Zaha Hadid. 

One visitor wrote: "Fancy building, located on the banks of the Clyde. It lacks the charm, exhibits and nostalgia of the old museum."

Another added: "It's ok but boring as it's not changed inside and theres (sic) not much interaction just looking at old automobiles." 

More positively, one guest said: "The design of the museum belongs to Zaha Hadid, love her work. Inside the museum you can find a lot of rare care, motorcycles and even buses and trams." 

University of Glasgow 

Glasgow Times: The University of Glasgow

Known for its history, Hogwarts-like looks, and, of course, the accent, Glasgow University is one of the West End's dominating features. 

Despite all of its charms, some have wanted even more. 

It only has five 'terrible reviews', so clearly they are in the minority, but one user wrote: "Came here for a concert and it was terrible.

"Badly organised and was pushed/shoved. Lost great spot as was just unbearable."

The food seems to have been a source of concern for others with one user complaining about the price of products in one of the university's cafes. 

More than 2,000 reviews have been 'very good' or above, however, with most visitors enchanted by Glasgow's spell. 

Wellpark Brewery

Glasgow Times: Wellpark Brewery Home of Tennent's Lager

Who doesn't love a Big Juicy (yes, that's what we're calling it) when spending some time in any of Glasgow's brilliant bars? In fact, the only thing better than an ice cold pint is getting to see where the good stuff is made. 

Amazingly, that wasn't enough for one user, who wrote of the Wellpark Brewery: "This was the low point in an otherwise wonderful 12 day trip to Scotland.

"The information provided was limited, there was very little that we were shown of the brewing process and the tour guide was hard to hear."

Another added: "Totally unimpressed with the tour. Not one piece of machinery from production to bottling in action." 

However, more than 800 people share our 'excellent' enthusiam for Tennent's, with one writing: "Me and my boyfriend went on this tour and it was amazing. We have done Guinness and Heineken tour but nothing matches up to this." 

High praise indeed! 

West on the Green 

Glasgow Times: WEST on the Green

From one famous watering hole to another, West on the Green has delighted guests from all across the world with its Scottish-twist on German beer. 

However, there's no pleasing some people. 

Several users have accused the restaurant of "not being dog friendly" with one posting on Tripadvisor: "Claim to be dog friendly but the reception was FAR from it." 

Another was left unimpressed by the food, writing: "Did not enjoy the visit to west in any way at all." 

Of the 489 'excellent' ratings, one user wrote: "Had lunch with family ahead of walking along to Celtic Park. Great lunch, service was excellent and most importantly the beer was fantastic. Handy for the town and Celtic Park."

Celtic Park and Ibrox 

Glasgow Times:

On that note, how do our city's major football teams fare on TripAdvisor's website? Both Celtic and Rangers offer a host of facilities at their famous grounds, including stadium tours. 

Unsurprisingly, guests have been impressed by Celtic Park and Ibrox with both boasting ratings of 4.5 out of 5 on the review scale. 

One user from Brighton wrote of Rangers' home: "Great experience at Ibrox park, one big welcomeing family, the atmosphere at home games is electric. What a football ground to visit and the sport is amazing." 

Glasgow Times:

Celtic were also praised by users, with one posting: "This place is incredible, literally stood the hairs on the back of my neck. The staff are so friendly, the tour so informative."

Those who have left negative reviews have pointed to Ibrox's toilets and Celtic Park's age as causes for concern.

One wrote of the Govan ground: "Will not be near the place again. Went for the tour in april and my wife threw up with the smell of the toilets. Would give 0 stars if possible."

A user reviewing the East End venue wrote: "The stadium itself is a crumbling mess needing update badly."

Glasgow's Botanic Gardens 

Glasgow Times: Weather, May, Summer 2016.Folks enjoying sunshine in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens with the Kibble Palace in the background..10/05/16.... (Photo by Kirsty Anderson/Herald & Times) - KA.

Offering a place of peace and quiet for people across the city, the Botanic Gardens, in the West End, are loved by young and old. 

Ranking in at number 31 in the list of top things to do in Glasgow, they are definitely not to be missed by tourists to the city. 

Yet, one visitor described their experience as a "let down".

Another added: "In a sorry state and not worth the trip." 

Of more than 1,200 'excellent' reviews, one user wrote: "Enjoyable experience, lovely garden and flowers great to sit and have ice cream and chill with friends and family."

Others agreed, one posting: "I went here last year, and it was so very peaceful and quiet. I loved the indoors part with the fish, they are so beautiful and colourful. And the gardens are amazing also. Well worth a visit."

Glasgow Science Centre 

Glasgow Times: Glasgow science centre and Glasgow tower

We all remember our school trips to the Science Centre on the banks of the River Clyde; where we'd get to see what we learned in the classroom come to life. 

Sadly, not everyone seems to share our nostalgia, and some believe there's nothing for anyone other than kids to see. 

One user posted: "Nothing to see for an adult here - just hundreds of screaming kids. Waste of what could have been an interesting building to visit. Expensive entrance fee."

Another agreed: "This experience is only for children under 5 years old. If you're older than that and you spend your money for this happening, you gonna be disappointed." 

With nearly 1,500 'excellent' reviews, it's clear most of us still love a chance to enjoy the Science Centre. 

The Hydro 

Glasgow Times:

It's played host to everyone from Fall Out Boy, to Shania Twain, but some have felt the Hydro could have been better. 

One wrote: "The design of the auditorium could only be compared to a reinforced concrete cattle auction."

Another said: "The seats are most uncomfortable, access to them feels extremely dangerous, the toilets appear unfinished." 

We love our Hydro, however, and the vast majority of reviewers agree. One posted: "Well run establishment, clean and safe, thoroughly enjoyable."

Oh, and Edinburgh, keep your hands off our Hydro.