CHILDREN breaking into a closed Drumchapel care home and “smashing the place up” could be “seriously hurt”, councillors have warned.

Police officers were called on Saturday night amid reports of vandalism at the former Drumry House care home on Kinfauns Drive, which is owned by Glasgow City Council.

A Glasgow councillor has called for the building to be demolished before someone is injured.

Inspector Paul Daley said officers will be “giving the area extra attention”.

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A council spokesman said staff would be making sure the building is secure.

Andy Lynch, the chairman of Drumchapel Community Council, was alerted to the issue on Saturday night.

He was told between 15 and 30 children, aged from 10 to 16, were “running amok inside, smashing the place up and using it as a drinking den”.

Glasgow Times:

Mr Lynch said the community feared children playing in the building “could be seriously hurt or trapped” due to loose slate on the roof.

When he went to explore, he found around 10 children in the care home, aged around 10 to 12.

“Some of their parents came and marched them out for safety reasons,” he said. “I had a wee word with them about the risk.

“The kids are bored; lockdown has been hard for them. There’s nothing to be done.”

He said some children had been climbing on the roof and throwing slate down, adding: “There’s a danger they could fall off.”

However, Mr Lynch saw no evidence of drinking. “I don’t know if teenagers are there later on, that could happen if word goes around that it’s vacant. That’s one of the fears.”

Glasgow Times:

He feels the empty home could have been “put to good use” during the pandemic, housing homeless people or as emergency accommodation. It is being used an unofficial car park at the minute, he said.

Councillor Paul Carey, who represents Drumchapel on Glasgow City Council, has received several calls from residents about children using the home “as a playground”.

“This building has been empty for some time now and it has become a magnet for children to play in,” he said.

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“I am calling on the council to demolish this building as a matter of urgency

before someone gets hurt playing inside it.

“In the meantime, I am asking the council to secure the premises to stop children gaining access to the building.”

Police Scotland confirmed a report of youths “causing annoyance” at the Kinfauns Drive site on Saturday.

Inspector Daley said: “The youths left the area prior to police arrival. We are aware of concerns by residents regarding this site and officers will be giving the area extra attention.”