We have all found our own way to keep busy during lockdown, and for Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers Youtube conspiracy theory videos were the way to go.

The 64-year-old singer revealed he has not had this much free time in decades. 

Les was kicked out of school aged 15 but found fame four years later in 1973 with the tartan-clad boyband.

He grew up in Edinburgh but now lives in Hackney, East London, with wife Peko and their son, Jubei.

Although the original group have now split up, Les tours with his own band Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers.

And he said he had been keeping busy in the lockdown by eating nasturtiums grown in his back garden and watching conspiracy theory videos on Youtube.

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Les said: “On average, I’m on the road half the year and in 47 years I’ve never had this much time off.

“I’m spending too much time on YouTube watching things about conspiracy theories - apparently we are about to be invaded by the Chinese Communist Party and President Trump is going to start a nuclear war... all that sort of stuff.”

He had to fly back from a tour in Canada when the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus was a pandemic, and said underlying health conditions made him feel 'vulnerable'.

Les said: "There was nothing else to do but get myself and the band home so we wouldn’t be stranded.

“Me and the wife and the son have been out in the garden growing all sorts of things - my favourite things just now are nasturtiums, they’re edible and I munch lots of nasturtiums flowers and leaves with my salads.”

Despite having Type 2 diabetes, Les was keen to help out collecting prescriptions for the elderly, but was shocked to be told he couldn't due to his health condition.

Les said: “I just thought, ‘I’ll help a little, I’ve got a car and I’m pretty fit, I can go out and deliver prescriptions for people, it isn’t very hard, it’s not like walking on the moon’.

“At the beginning they were happy to have me come along and help but then they asked us to fill in a form and declare any preconditions.

"Because I have some preconditions they said, ‘Well we won’t be asking you to help anymore’.”

He plans to tour the world next year with his band which has now performed more dates than the original Rollers, who counted Courtney Love among teeny bopper devotees.

And Les said he was sad for young people faced with a world in turmoil and hoped love would prevail.

Les said: “The world is a very confusing and dangerous place right now, it feels like a tinderbox and I just feel for my son and the younger generation.

"You’d have thought that by now love would have made a change to the world.

"It keeps raising it’s lovely head but then just gets battered down again."