THE number of students accepted to university on results day in Scotland has risen.

Admissions body Ucas announced 28,970 people will start in higher education this academic year after meeting the requirements for university.

Ucas said the number of students accepted from the most deprived areas has also increased.

It announced 1,300 applicants aged 18 from the most deprived areas - 11.9% of all admissions - now have a confirmed place, with the ratio of those from the most well-off areas to the least falling to its lowest rate of 3.29.

The figures show 4,360 students of all ages from the least affluent areas were offered a place at university through Ucas this year, a rise from 4,330 in 2019.

This year’s figure is an increase of 220 from 2019, while the number of 18-year-olds in the Scottish population dropped.

Ucas also confirmed 28,240 pupils leaving school will be studying in Scotland, a rise from 27,880 the year before.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) announced on Tuesday - the day 138,000 secondary school pupils received their qualifications - that the Higher pass rate was 78.9%, up from 74.8%.

Clare Marchant, the chief executive of Ucas, said: “Congratulations to students across Scotland receiving their results today.

“The increase in people with a confirmed place, especially the record number from Scotland’s most deprived areas and those choosing to study nursing, should be particularly celebrated, with their achievements providing their passport into higher education.

“Universities and colleges are ready to support students in making the transition into higher education during this, the most challenging of years, with appropriate plans in place to start teaching in earnest, and student safety their paramount consideration.”

Ms Marchant added clearing is available for students without a place at university, allowing them to search for available courses across the UK.

She said: “For anyone without a place, Clearing Plus is giving each student a personalised list of courses with vacancies, that they can easily send an expression of interest to.

“Every course with places available is also listed on”