MORE than £1.2million could be granted to fund the ongoing development of a prominent street in Glasgow’s city centre making it more appealing to investors.

Councillors will discuss the project of the public realm at Cadogan Street which on the west side of the city centre, at the city administration committee tomorrow (Thursday).

Cadogan Street located in Glasgow’s International Financial Services District (IFSD) has been identified as an area worthy of this investment as the street suffered from the 2008 economic crisis, with reduced demand for office space as a result.

Despite a number of office refurbishment projects and new developments there in recent years, the poor condition of the public realm in the area is limiting investor interest and further regeneration.

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Property developers have reported how the current conditions of the public realm in Cadogan Street are significantly preventing the potential for further investment which in turn is affecting the regeneration of the street and the surrounding area.

The investment in the public realm will complete an attractive, high-quality, well-functioning environment in this part of the IFSD and city centre, and is expected to increase the marketability of the Anderson Centre – owned by Glasgow City Council - on the street.

It will also look to improve the physical environment, enhance the connectivity through the existing network of streets and maximise accessibility to also encourage active travel opportunities for pedestrians along Cadogan Street.

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The work on the delivery of this public realm - which will feature new granite kerbs, maximum-width pavements, new seating, greening, the decluttering of redundant street furniture, and dropped kerbs - will begin in Autumn 2020, with completion expected in the Summer of 2021.

It is anticipated that the proposal will act as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth, by creating the conditions to attract inward investment which will enable future job creation.

Councillor Kenny McLean, city convener for housing, neighbourhoods and public realm at Glasgow City Council, said: The creation of this new high quality public realm will attract investment and jobs to Cadogan Street itself, as well as the wider district. In addition, the street will be greener, better connected to the surrounding area, more sustainable and able to adapt to current and future challenges.”