RESIDENTS on Nitshill Road have been left climbing over walls to avoid a huge puddle, which they say Glasgow City Council have done nothing to fix.

The puddle appears whenever there is heavy rain, the residents say, and reports to the council have so far done nothing.

Ashlea Vallely, a local resident, told of having to hire a private company to help clear the drains, which are blocked every couple of months.

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She said: "It's an absolute eyesore and I've called Dyno-Rod out countless time to clear the drains, and they keep handing me the same bill every single time.

Glasgow Times:

"Instead of fixing the blockage, they are draining it once or twice and it keeps coming back and it's costing us money every single time. I'm sick to death of phoning them!"

Ashlea also says that the puddle has meant that residents have had to climb over walls in order to avoid the pool.

She said: "I have to either climb over the wall at the front or climb over gardens to get in and out of the house.

"It's so dangerous, and the neighbour above us has kids. Could you imagine having to push a pram through that?

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"I tell people that you'll have to swim to get into the house!"

Jerry, who also lives on the street, said: "Every time it rains, the puddle is at least a foot deep. I take the dog out and wear wellies to get out the house.

"We are getting really fed up with it and it is slowly getting worse every time it rains. They can drain it all they want but the problem keeps coming back because there is a blockage somewhere.

Glasgow Times:

The puddle also extends over nearly two lanes of traffic on the dual carriageway.

He said: "It's a big road traffic problem. You can't see the road for it and you have cars zooming through it or veering off to avoid it."

A spokesman for the council said: “We have cleared water from the road surface, which helps deal with the immediate issue of localised flooding

“To help allow rain water to drains away, we are also clearing the gullies beneath the drain grills of material that can build-up over time.

“If water continues to build up even after we have cleared the gullies, we will investigate further to establish if there are any other issues under the road surface that are preventing effective drainage.”