MY formal education began 70 years ago and ended 10 years later. At the age of 18, I started to educate myself in the politics of this country, and discovered I had been fed a pack of lies, especially in the history of this country and how it achieved its wealth and power.

Since then I have been governed by good, bad and okay governments, none of which have ever attacked poverty as they should have, but never have I been governed by such a collection of – incompetents. Like many others I have condemned their behaviour, the standards they are setting are devoid of any kind of honour expected from politicians, with the chief culprit being Boris Johnson. Already they have begun to apportion blame away from themselves for their Covid-19 response.

Having reflected on the present situation, I do not fully blame Boris Johnson for his incompetence and lack of morals – anyone with a modicum of common sense knew that this man saw nothing wrong with a life of deceit and lies, he is in my opinion someone who does not know any other way to behave, this has been his life.

Those who backed him to lead his party and then to become P.M. are to blame for the position everyone finds themselves in. The idea he spouts that we are all equal is a fairy tale, just like the lies I was fed at school. If you think that you will be invited to sit at his table, forget it, you may be invited to serve but that is your lot.

In conclusion, could we please stop wasting time and money on an inquiry of what went wrong with Covid-19, the result will be dismissed and no one in this government will be held accountable.

Michael Tolland

WHY are bus lane cameras still snapping at motorists who stray into the lanes? These are exceptional times, and we know bus timetables and car and taxi visits to the city centre are reduced, so why are the charges not moderated or scrapped? There was a period of suspension of parking metering, so who is allowing these automated systems to go on issuing their fines needlessly and without validity? 

Brian John Buchanan

IS Covid-19 best thing that’s happened?

Only if your a greetin-faced whinger or business with no regard for the public health who’s looking for money or the TV media who spend all of their time hunting them down for their dour faces.

Less moaners and more genuine case reports from the people who are really suffering, please. 

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