A TEENAGER has gone viral for travelling to Glasgow from England for a slush drink.

The Tik Tok user Issy shared a clip on the social media platform of her road trip to the Tubbees dessert bar situated in a petrol station on Paisley Road West. 

The sixteen-hour round trip took in at least 334 miles. 

She said: "So I decided I wanted this slushy from this super cool looking place.

"The only issue it was an eight-hour drive. I jokingly told my dad about it and he said "Ok let's go".

She later said: "Now we just drive eight hours back home".

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The weather might be dull but our selection of slushees certainly isn't ☀️ what would you pick? . . . . #tubbees #slushee #glasgow #cheerytuesday ##slush #drink #tasty

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Baffled locals could not believe the determined youngster's trip with hundreds commenting and liking the post.

One said: "This person drove eight hours to go to a petrol station in Govan. GOVAN."

Another said: "Could of went to Edinburgh castle or something but no ye went to a petrol station in Govan."


Did you know we also do Sugar Free Slushees? #sugarfree #tubbees #glasgow #slush #slushee #scotland #wednesday #humpday

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The petrol station is a popular feature on the website with hundreds of videos filmed of trips there.

Have you been?