Nicola Sturgeon has announced a local lockdown in Aberdeen after the recent outbreak associated with pubs in the city.

The First Minister said that all pubs must close by 5pm today.

She also said that people should not visit each other’s houses and not travel for more than 5 miles for leisure again.

People who do not live in the north east city should not visit.

Ms Sturgeon said the move was to prioritise the re-opening of Schools.

She said if there is a choice between schools or pubs then schools must be put first.

Ms Sturgeon said the outbreak in the city previously pinpointed to the Hawthorn Bar is now associated with 20 other licensed premises in the city.

The First Minister said the decision, which is the first localised lockdown in Scotland since measures started to ease.

She added: “Extreme caution is necessary and in my view vital.

“The outbreak in Aberdeen shows what can happen if we let our guard drop.”

We cannot go back to normal we are in a daily battle with this virus.”

she said the latest figures show 64 new cases and 15 are in the Greater Glasgow area, which she said was being carefully monitored.