A SINGLE-mother has been forced to flee from her South Side home after a spate of anti-social and harassment incidents occurred within a supported housing complex.

The mother, who wished not to be named due to safety concerns, has now moved in with her 73-year-old shielding father as she said she “cannot take any more”.

It comes after she repeated calls for Loretto Housing Association to take responsibility for her neighbour’s anti-social behaviour, which included the mother-of-one to be allegedly threatened by a neighbour on the communal hallway.

Glasgow Times:

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The mother previously told the Glasgow Times that she had also witnessed one of her neighbours conducting a direct invasion of privacy on her door step as she and her daughter were left “terrified” due to constant screams, loud bangs and fighting happening within the block of flats.

She has now decided to pack her bags and leave her “beautiful” home as she believes it is no longer a safe environment to bring her six-year-old daughter up in.

She said: “A new neighbour moved in an befriended my other nightmare neighbours. Music blared over the whole weekend they moved in and they even befriended my other neighbours.

“The music went on for five hours on the Friday then started again at midday on the Saturday for a while. They went out then when they came home the music started again from 9pm through to 5am on the Sunday. It was just constant.

“You could hear them running in and out of my other neighbours’ flat with the doors slamming and commotion going on in the close.

“It was really the last straw for me, we couldn’t take it anymore. I filled a few suitcases with mine and my daughter’s clothes and went to my dad’s house. We were left with no other choice."

Glasgow Times:

READ MORE: Glasgow mother repeats calls for action after spate of anti-social and harassment incidents leaves daughter 'terrified'

Over the course of five years, the mother previously told that she “lost count” of the amount of times she has been forced to complain to Loretto Housing Association over “screaming”, “crying”, “doors slamming” and “fighting” taking place within her South Side block.

Loretto Housing Association’s stance towards anti-social behaviour reads: “We all want to live a quiet and peaceful life in our homes. No one should have to put up with being abused, harassed or living next to a noisy or nuisance neighbour.”

The single-mother now fears that with schools soon returning, she will no longer be able to live with her shielding father as it could pose risk to his health.

She added: “My dad has many medical problems, he’s got arthritis and he’s had six heart attacks. Obviously, he doesn’t need this added stress. He’s meant to be shielding but my daughter and I didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“So, we’re then compromising my father’s health. He’s the first person I’d go to for help but it isn’t fair on him to suffer the consequences of this disaster.

“My daughter will eventually need to go back to school which means we will no longer be able to stay with my dad otherwise we will put him directly at risk. I feel like I’m at a dead end and no matter where I turn I’m completely stuck.”

Glasgow Times:

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Loretto has struggled to re-accommodate the mother and her daughter in the desired South Side area due to a lack of availability as the association makes way for the homeless during the coronavirus crisis.

The mother added: "They’ve basically asked us to move our entire lives because of this. More or less asking me to take my daughter away from the area she grew up in and has known since she was a baby. That would mean pulling her out of the school she has settled in and made friends in too.

“We’ve basically been asked to move ourselves and change our whole lives because they’re not willing to take responsibility or take any action against the other residents.

“We’ve got a suitable flat that we absolutely love but we have been completely driven out of our home because Loretto will not take any action.

“I have just kept reiterating that there is a six-year-old child stuck in the middle of all of this. The drama that has gone on has made her ill with anxiety.”

A spokesman for Loretto Housing said: “A new neighbour was moved in to a temporary furnished flat in the block by Glasgow City Council. As soon as we were made aware of the problems this person was causing, we arranged for him to be moved.

“We’ve been in regular contact with our tenant and we would like to stress once again we are continuing to do everything we can to support her.”