A PROBE has been launched amid claims thousands of Rangers shirts have been damaged by saboteurs. 

Several Gers supporters have taken to social media after their new Castore gear was allegedly sabotaged.

There are claims as many as 2000 packages have been damaged whilst en route with Hermes to fans of the Light Blues this week.

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In a post on social media, members of the influential Gers podcast Heart and Hand wrote: "Hermes say reports of 2000 - TWO THOUSAND - packages were damaged.

"Products will now be going out in unbranded bags." 

Glasgow Times: The kits have been sent out in branded packaging The kits have been sent out in branded packaging

However, the UK's second largest delivery company claimed they were unaware of such a figure but vowed to launch an investigation. 

Kits were sent out with Rangers and Castore branding but it is understood this policy is currently being reconsidered. 

A Hermes spokeswoman said: "We are currently investigating this but so far we have not found anything to substantiate these claims.

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"We will reach out to the Heart & Hand podcast for further details."

The Glasgow Times has also approached Rangers and Castore for comment.

Castore sold out their initial 50,000 stock of home kits within 48 hours of the pre-sale going live on July 1.

The Glasgow giants signed a five-year deal with Liverpool-based sports brand Castore earlier this summer.