A THUG who stabbed a man in a revenge attack on his sister has been jailed for three years.

Michael Dolan, 34, also struck Darren Cuthbertson on the face during the assault in Knightswood in May this year.

Dolan claimed Mr Cuthbertson’s partner Amanda Welsh had earlier attacked his sister.

Dolan pleaded guilty yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assault to Mr Cuthbertson’s severe injury.

The court heard the pair met on Crescent Road where Dolan removed an object from his waistband.

Dolan swung at Mr Cuthbertson who raised his arm to defend himself but got caught on the cheek.

The men struggled with each other before Dolan revealed a thee inch blade.

Mr Cuthbertson said: “This is nothing to do with me.”

Dolan replied: “Well you go with Amanda Welsh.”

Prosecutor Amanda Gallagher said: “The accused then assaulted Mr Cuthbertson by striking the lower side of his back.”

Mr Cuthbertson managed to fend off Dolan who fled the scene before momentarily returning to collect his dropped phone.

Dolan said: “This isn’t the last of this” before making off again.

Mr Cuthbertson went to his partner’s house and made a 999 call.

He was treated at hospital for an 8-10cm wound to his left cheek which was closed with glue.

Mr Cuthbertson also received two stitches for the open wound on his back.

Dolan was later traced by officers and told them when quizzed: “I don’t even know the boy.”

Harvie Diamond, defending, told the court Mr Cuthbertson’s girlfriend had attacked Dolan’s sister.

He added: “Mr Cuthbertson had a number of colleagues and friends gather outside Mr Dolan’s house and were shouting things to him to get him out.

“This was to intimidate him and he was becoming very nervous about the whole situation.

“This doesn’t entitle him to do what he did and he shouldn’t have done that but there is a background.”

Sheriff Paul Crozier said: “This was an extremely serious matter in view of your record which includes an analogous offence.

“You assaulted someone with a knife in 2015 and received 15 months and it appears the community disposals since didn’t deter you.”