A BABY wrap tutorial by Glasgow Sling Library has went viral on social media platform TikTok, gaining over 1.5million views.

The video, which was posted last Tuesday to the popular social media website, is a tutorial for mums and dads to follow in order to wrap their baby successfully.

It has gained over 1.5million views, over 325,000 likes and 3,470 comments.


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The video was produced by the Glasgow Sling Library, a not-for-profit social enterprise focusing on providing parents and carers with free and affordable babywearing support.

Gemma Hamilton, a member of the Glasgow Sling Library team and mastermind behind the video, said: "Fun tutorials are a big thing in the sling world, but they are usually done on Youtube.

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"I decided to film the video on TikTok because it meant that we could utilise the 'duet' feature, and I had seen it successfully done with so many different topics.

"But when we posted the video, we had no intention of it getting as big as it has done, 1.5millon views is unbelievable."

The video shows Hannah Inman, Gemma's colleague, wrapping a baby wrap around her and placing her child in the cradle.

Viewers have praised the group for showing a creative and simplistic way to use the baby wrap, something which many parents have struggled with.

Gemma said: "Parents and carers often get the baby wrap and have to look online for instructions on how to use it.

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Gemma has also told of the benefits of using a baby wrap, which is currently given to parents for free as part of the Scottish Government's 'Baby Box' scheme.

She said: "Using the wrap promotes attachment to parents or carers and increases success when it comes to breastfeeding.

"Using a wrap can also foster independence and help to develop the core muscles in the neck and head.

"There is also evidence that the in the first three months of birth, which is known as the 'fourth trimester', babies need to be held a lot, which will reduce crying in the future."

The Glasgow Sling Library has been hosting virtual support sessions, in conjunction with South Side social enterprise Merry Go Round, to help parents and carers gain vital support.

Gemma said: "So many people have received their baby wrap in the baby box but have given up because they haven't got the support to use it properly.

"Health visitors are a great deal of help to new parents but they are not fully trained in the baby wrap method and how to wrap safely.

"We are fully trained at the Glasgow Sling Library and are here to provide free and affordable support to those who need it."