IT says a lot about man when, given the option of an all-expenses-paid takeaway of their choice, he opts to go for a classic chippy. 

I live in the South Side, a hub of culture with a plethora of different options available.  

I could have went for an Indian delicacy. I could have had Green food. The could have had the world on my plate. 

But did I pick something exciting? No, of course not.

I picked a chippy. A simple sausage supper. And fritters. 

If anyone orders a chippy and doesn’t get some fritters on top, they’re not to be trusted.

You know the ones. 

My love of ye olde fish ‘n’ chip shop started as a kid. I remember every Friday we were allowed out at school to go to the local takeaway. 

If I close my eyes I can still smell it... and feel the grease dripping on to the newspaper wrapping below... I can taste the salt on my lips. 

For my review I opted for a new chippy – Salt and Vinegar on Pollokshaws Road.  

All I have to say is someone warn Danny Zuko because there was no grease in sight. See what I did there?  

This was a chippy with a difference. You get what you pay for, I guess. My dish was, as my friend would describe it, “different gravy”.  

Salt and Vinegar advertise themselves on being a “high-quality” take-out and I reckon that’s right on the mark.  

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it almost felt healthy. As healthy as a battered sausage and deep-fried chips could be, I guess. 

But I think that might also be its downfall. 

When I’m ordering a chippy, I almost want that grease. I crave the fast-food level of quality. I’m having a takeaway to indulge myself, so it might as well be unhealthy.

It’s a treat day, after all. 

Glasgow Times: Salt and Vinegar on Pollokshaws RoadSalt and Vinegar on Pollokshaws Road

I ordered by meal at 5.40pm on a Monday night. I know, Monday night for a takeaway? I was desperate, hungry, and couldn’t be bothered heading to the shops. 

I guess that’s the beauty (and danger) of delivery apps – you literally only have to lift a finger. 

My meal arrived quick, within half an hour. Just enough time to find something on Netflix. 

To sum up: If you’re after a takeaway but want to feel good about yourself, Salt and Vinegar is for you. For me? Chips ‘n’ cheese from Blue Lagoon are more my speed.