A DAD-TO-BE who assaulted his brother twice in the same week over a money dispute walked free from court yesterday.

Connor Dempsey, 22, pounced on David McGowan at their grandmother Grace McGowan’s home in Govan in April this year.

He then went on to use slurs against the two arresting officers who were called to the scene of the second offence.

Dempsey initially told Ms McGowan that he was going to give Mr McGowan a “doing” before leaving him in a bloody mess.

He was arrested before returning days later and committing another violent attack on Mr McGowan.

Dempsey pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assaults to Mr McGowan’s injury and severe injury.

Sheriff Joan Kerr ordered the expectant dad to do 115 hours of unpaid work and put him under supervision for 18 months.

She said: “You pleaded guilty to serious offences within a short period of time.

“You assaulted your brother in two very violent acts and the injuries were serious ones.”

The court heard Mr McGowan and a drunk Dempsey showed up at Miss McGowan’s home.

Prosecutor Adele MacDonald told the court that Dempsey claimed Mr McGowan owed him money and made the “doing” remarks.

Mr McGowan was then punched to the face which caused him to fall to the floor where he was then kicked.

Mr McGowan managed to defend himself and punched Dempsey on the face.

Ms Macdonald said: “There was a lot of blood coming from both Mr McGowan and the accused’s faces.”

Mr McGowan ran to the rear of the property while neighbours contacted the police.

He was later discovered by officers on the ground covered in a “substantial amount of blood” coming from a head wound.

A bloodied and injured Dempsey was found in his bedroom.

Both men refused to disclose how they came about their injuries and initially refused medical treatment.

Dempsey was arrested while Mr McGowan subsequently was taken to hospital where he received four stitches for the head wound.

Dempsey turned up at the house uninvited six days later looking for his brother amid claims he was owed £40.

He repeatedly punched Mr McGowan on his head and body which caused the old wound to re-open.

Ms McGowan intervened and stopped Dempsey as he lunged to strike Mr McGowan with a glass bottle.

A 999 call was made and Dempsey was arrested before calling one officer a “poofy b******” and another an “orange b******.”

Lawyer Eddie Robertson, defending, told the court Dempsey was “thinking poorly” at the time of the offence.