MORE THAN £1.2 million has been agreed to fund a project which will see the regeneration of a prominent city centre street.

Members of Glasgow City Council’s city administration committee approved the money which will go towards the delivery and ongoing maintenance of a new public realm in Cadogan Street.

The design, which follows on from the Avenues Project, was discussed at a virtual meeting where questions were raised about the ongoing management of the area once the project was complete.

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Councillor Jon Molyneux said: “I do have some concerns over the maintenance of this street once work has been completed.

“There are locations nearby, including Glasgow Central train station, which have not been properly managed. If we are going to invest a significant amount of money in this we need to make sure we look after it and ensure that it doesn’t fall into disrepair again.”

Cadogan Street is located in Glasgow’s International Financial Services District (IFSD), and was identified as an area worthy of this investment as the street suffered from the 2008 economic crisis, with reduced demand for office space as a result.

Despite a number of office refurbishment projects and new developments there in recent years, the poor condition of the public realm on Cadogan Street is limiting investor interest and further regeneration.

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The aim is to increase pedestrian access to the area, with dropped kerbs, widened pavements and enhanced active travel connections.

Mr Molyneux was informed that there would be a reduction of street clutter to allow members of the public to socially distance in light of Covid-19.

Forbes Barron, head of planning and building standards at Glasgow City Council, said: “We have a project assessment plan going forward.

“Maintenance is a very important issue and it is for that reason we have established a ten-year maintenance plan. Some of the preservation problems surrounding Glasgow Central have been ongoing for more than ten years.”

Andy Waddell, director of operations, added: “For some time it has been somewhat easier to procure capital funding than it is revenue funding to allow for maintenance work.

“It is our job to secure money for the area and there is a significant amount allocated in this year’s budget.”

Work to delivery of this public realm - which will feature new granite kerbs, maximum-width pavements, new seating, greening, the decluttering of redundant street furniture, and dropped kerbs - will begin in Autumn 2020, with completion expected in the Summer of 2021.