A BANNED driver involved in a 30-minute high speed police chase after battering a neighbour in a row over a car part has been jailed for 28 months.

Matthew Clark, 25, sped away from police in his Audi A4 after severely assaulting his neighbour in April this year.

Clark’s car narrowly avoided hitting parked motors and had ‘flames and sparks’ coming from his car as he drove over speed bump.

At one point during the police chase through Glasgow’s south side the Audi became airborne.

Clark pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assault, two dangerous driving charges, driving while under the influence and while disqualified.

He also admitted failing to stop for police officers and a theft of £58.11 in petrol.

Clark was banned from driving for 51 months by Sheriff Joan Kerr.

She said: “The impression I get from your actions is a man out of control and a man unconcerned about the injuries to others.”

The court heard Clark turned up at neighbour Krzysztof Swiercz’s flat in the city’s Thornliebank drunk at the middle of the night.

Clark asked the construction manager, 51, if he had a spare part for his car, but was kicked out of the house.

He punched Mr Swiercz on the head before repeatedly kicking and stamping on him on the ground.

Clark fled the blood-filled scene and later tracked him behind the wheel of a damaged Audi in the city’s Arden area.

He ignored pleas to stop and sped off with a flat tyre.

Prosecutor Adele Macdonald told the court Clark “struggled to control the vehicle” throughout the chase

Miss Macdonald said: “The vehicle mounted a speed calming measure and went airborne causing sparks to fly from the underside.

“As the vehicle mounted the next calming measure, more sparks and flames were seen and there was oil coming from the engine.”

Clark stopped and ran into a flat in top floor of a block on Kilmuir Road.

Miss Macdonald said: “The accused was found in the living room wearing only his underwear and was arrested.”

It was discovered that he was disqualified from driving.

Mr Swiercz meantime was taken to hospital. He suffered a missing tooth and a broken nose.

Neal McShane, defending, told the court Clark’s life “spiralled out of control” in 2018 and is “significantly ashamed” for his actions.