A BATTLEFIELD resident has launched a change.org petition to keep food waste recycling going in Glasgow tenements.

Alison Campbell began the campaign after hearing that the entire service may be cut.

Homes in Glasgow have been told to use brown wheelie bins for food recycling, but for flats and tenements, there is currently no option for this.

Alison said: "It had been a few rumours and word of mouth from neighbours that they would be cutting the entire service.

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"COVID has postponed the service which I completely understand, but it would be really very sad to see it disappear entirely.

"Even with the COVID situations, there are a few older people in the flats that have continued to use their food waste bin because they didn't know about the change."

Alison also says that Battlefield residents are very keen to help the environment and to take the service away would be unfair to the community.

She said: "The council should know that people still want recycle, especially here in Battlefield.

"We have composting and the community is very keen.

"They promote recycling schemes and carbon-neutral ideas and getting rid of this service would set us back in terms of reaching this.

"Everyone I have been in contact with wants to continue recycling."

Glasgow City Council recently announced that 2,500 bins in the north west and city centre will be removed from flats.

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It will be part of a pilot scheme which evaluates the efficiency of food bin collections, which will be reviewed in eight weeks time.

The council also revealed that 30% of grey bins for food waste were frequently contaminated with other kinds of rubbish.

They said: "Under the test arrangements for North West Glasgow, around 4500 grey bins will be retained at addresses with a good record of food recycling.

"But due to repeated incidents of food waste being spoiled by other kinds of rubbish going into the grey bin, 2500 grey food waste bins have been removed from bin courts across North West Glasgow, which includes the city centre."

They also confirmed that there are no solid plans to remove food waste bins from all flats around Glasgow while the pilot scheme is running, and will review this at the end of the pilot.

A spokesman for the council said: "There has been a disappointing uptake of the food waste service for flatted properties since its introduction in 2016.

"Very low levels of food waste are eventually recycled and bins are frequently spoiled with other kinds of waste, which then makes it significantly more expensive to process.

"By providing publicly-sited bins for addresses where there have been significant on-going problems, we are aiming to minimise the issue of contamination and ensure as much food waste can be reprocessed as possible."