IS John Swinney, inset, ever going to get a job that he can do (School pupils protest at George Square calling for urgent action over degraded exam results)?

Jon Bruce


Oh dear. Some of them should make better use of their time.

I hope they weren’t expecting higher English marks, judging by some of the placards.

Colin MacEwan


Good luck with your fight for fairness.

Young people have enough to contend with at the best of times.

John Sharkey


How many are appealing against their grades compared to numbers in previous years?

Maybe people should wait and view the evidence before getting their nickers in a twist.

Ian Hart


Earlier this week in this paper, read Lourdes Secondary School had a record year for exam results.

Whilst it doesn’t represent that school well, it does prove that every kid wasn’t unfairly marked by examiners.

Honestly, kids did half a year at school.

Large portions didn’t/couldn’t put their full dedication in school work.

On the flip side those particular kids could have been forced to do the exams with little preparation and failed spectacularly.

I don’t see an outcome that would have made everybody happy.

John A


Was there a clear order at Scottish Qualifications Authority to downgrade previsional results?

If so, the author of such an order should be exposed and forced to justify the decision.

Let’s be clear, those who were expected to get modest or low grades will not necessarily suffer from this, but those who needed the high grades (A or B) to get into the tougher, more competitive fields of medicine, law etc. will suffer enormously.

The investigation should also make clear if the downgrades affected all schools or just certain ones in Glasgow and across Scotland.

Fran Ger


It’s one thing if this disease had spread by accident, for example if a player had caught it through no fault of his own (Aberdeen vs St Johnstone called off after coronavirus outbreak as eight players self-isolating, online).

But, in this case we had eight players in a crowded pub [in Aberdeen].

The points should be awarded to St Johnstone.

Otherwise, we are tolerating and condoning irresponsible and dangerous behaviour.

James Garrity


I think the photo of the bus conductor, in the Glasgow Times dated Thursday, 6 August, was taken in the 1930’s.

During WW2, the male conductors were replaced by females. If my memory saves me right, I believe there was a shortage of public transport workers, after the war, so the Glasgow Corporation recruited further afield.

In the 1950’s the standard seemed to fall. The conductors, in general, didn’t look as smart as conductor No. 5641.

I therefore think the photo was taken before the war because the gent talking with the conductor would be sporting a boxed gas mask if it was taken during the war. So I opt for the 1930’s.

Daniel Harris