Healthcare workers will hold a protest in the Glasgow Green after a pay rise announcement excluded "a massive number" of medical and social care staff. 

Campaigners will gather by the McLennan Arch in the Glasgow park from 11am today. 

The announced pay rise includes teachers, doctors and other public sector workers, but organisers of the demonstration slammed it as "a massive slap in the face" after workers were left out. 

Organisers of the "NHS Workers Say No protest added: "This announcement is a massive slap in the face, slapped by the hand that once clapped for us."

"The Government have taken advantage of us for far too long. We deserve better.

"Change can happen, but we need our collective voices to be heard. We need to be loud and we need your voice."

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The demonstration has set out to make four demands: (1) for pay parity within the public sector, (2) for above-inflation pay, (3) against long term pay freezes and (4) against a 20 per cent real-terms cut in pay over 10 years. 

Almost 3000 people have expressed interest in the event where all attendees will maintain physical distancing.  Face coverings are mandatory for everyone joining in. 

But organisers called on everyone who "loves and values" the NHS to support the protest. 

"This protest isn't just for those healthcare workers who have been let down by our government, yet again.

"Its for anyone who loves and values our NHS and wants to see its workers treated equally and fairly."

Similar protests are expected to take place across the UK this weekend.