Glasgow singing sensation Gerry Cinnamon believes he would have died young if he found fame sooner. 

The singer, who rose to fame in 30s, told fans he would have "gone off the rails" if he was met with success at a young age. 

His debut album Erratic Cinematic launched him to fame in 2017, with his latest release topping the UK charts this year.

Gerry believes he developed a work ethic as he grew older that he did not use to have. 

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He told fans: “I would be dead.

“I wouldn’t have made it past the first album. 

“I would have definitely went off the rails more than I have done. Now I have completed that part of my life.

“I still like a party but now I respect that you really need to get the job done and earn a party. 

“There is still plenty of time to squander it all away. All I want to do is get the songs out.”

Gerry also revealed to fans that his hit song Head in the Clouds is about dealing with insomnia.

He said: 

 “Even when I was a kid, I used to stay up all night and then refuse to go to school. 

“The song Head in the Clouds is about insomnia and trying to navigate life because usually you are staying up all night, worrying about not waking people up. 

“Then worrying about doing something the next day, something important like a gig or going to work or whatever. Within the song, its looking at the negative outlook that comes from that.

“If you stay up for three days, you are not the most positive person in the world.

“Within the song, there is a positive that starts to appear and it outweighs the negative. 

“It’s only at the end of the song that you realise it’s a love story.”