People have been left in disbelief after a viral TikTok showed off an unusual part of the West of Scotland in its best light.

Sean Munro posted a slideshow of a stunning photoshoot taken in the town and viewers are truly impressed.

Photos of Sean posing in a stetson and a plaid shirt attracted the attention of thousands. 

But while his photographs were hailed as "amazing", his choice in location had Scots puzzled, after the teen posted the caption: "I went into Paisley for a photoshoot and here's how it turned out".

One viewer commented: "Are you sure that's Paisley? These are amazing though."

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Another wrote: "We are in different Paisleys, huh."

While a third added: "That's no Paisley, surely no"

But Sean admitted they were taken in a field just outside the Renfrewshire town. 

One person joked: "Can't be Paisley, where's the machetes". 

While another pondered "why did you dress as a cowboy to go to Paisley".