I’D like to express my thanks to the two men who called an ambulance and to the paramedics Kirsteen and Gale who came to my assistance at 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon, when I had a seizure in the Hidden Garden, ironically within Gartnavel Royal Hospital.

Also thanks to the wonderful A&E staff of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, who work tirelessly in these difficult times.

Too often the NHS staff are given abuse.

So I’d like to re-address this and sing my praises for our wonderful NHS.

Jill Ferguson


I WALKED along Argyle Street past the Alexander Greek Thomson hotel on Friday night and couldn’t but help noticing addicts and alcoholics having a party of drug dealing and drinking. God knows what tourists from the nearby luxury hotels will think when seeing this.

The CCTV operators must have been sleeping when a small fight broke out at the Hielanman’s Umbrella – and Police Scotland, who stated in a Glasgow Times article that there would be an enhanced presence at the four corners, were nowhere to be seen.

Name and address supplied

CHILDREN should be-off limits and their education should never be hindered (Row as Glasgow’s Labour and SNP schools bosses go head-to-head over SQA results, August 8).

How insulting could you people be towards the youth and our future generations!

Just shows that these people have no boundaries, morals or shame on this matter.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said “the pen is mightier than the sword” ... even if used as a sword!

Someone needs to pay the price. A full review need to take place. An overhaul and a clear-out is necessary.

Not one person is to blame for this as for this to be passed everyone in the pyramid, from David Middleton the chairman, CEO Fiona Robertson, Bobby Elliot, Gary Ennis, Tom Caira and the other 745 staff that sit in the main office in Dalkeith or in the Optima Building in Robertson Street bear responsible. This had to be cleared at every level.

The five mentioned should be sacked or the £85 million budget should be withheld until you admit to the treachery of the Scottish children and do the (so-called) honourable thing!

The question is: Where else have you shown favouritism and where else have you got it wrong?

Steff James