Nicola Sturgeon has said she is “sorry” for the SQA exams results this year and admitted the Scottish Government got it wrong.

The First Minister said the system was put before the individual.

Previously she had said the system of moderation which downgraded a quarter of results and more in deprived areas than in afluent areas, was to needed to protect the integrity of the system.

It led to protests and claims that young people were being downgraded becasue of their postcode and previous performance of schools.

The First Minister said the government would now work to  ensure “every young person gets the grade that recognised the work they have done.”

She said the decisions, on results moderation, were taken “with the best of intentions.” anad added that governemnts in Engalnd and Wales reached the same decisions

However, she added that:"Perhaps led us to think about the overall system and not the individual pupil.

“The burden has not fallen equally across society. I acknowledge we didn’t get this right and I’m sorry for that.”

Education Secretary, John Swinney, is due to address the Scottish Parliament tomorrow and make a statement on what actions the Government will take to put the situation right.

Ms Sturgeon added she did not expect every pupils who was downgraded to appeal and said it would be for the Government to put it right.