You should not ask for travel advice from a comedian, one naive man has learned. 

Kevin Bridges has been up to no good on Twitter as he dished out travel advice that does not seem quite right. 

The comedian was asked by a fan from England, Gerard, to reveal the best and shadiest areas as he planned a trip up to Glasgow. 

And Kevin was quick to rise to the occasion - recommending Milton for novelty brunch like avocado on sourdough, Shettleston for "vegan delis and a terrific farmers market". 

He added that Easterhouse is the place to be for independent galleries. 

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Others joined in on the fun and one social media user added: "Possil’s great, but can very snobby. If you’re not dressed like a hipster, you’ll struggle to get served. A fedora and polo neck will help."

Another proposed Kevin might be gunning for a job change: "Looking for a new career with Visit Scotland?"

A third wrote: "Stay away from the West End. There be razor gangs and dragons."

But some jokingly expressed concerns for his safety: "Has anyone else bookmarked Gerard's twitter account to check if he mysteriously stops tweeting after next week?