A SICK account using the name of evil child killer Aaron Campbell has been set up on Instagram and is taunting the family of tragic Alesha McPhail. 

The vile profile has gathered hundreds of followers since it was launched on the popular social media site.

Reports claim the troll behind the account has even left disgusting comments on pictures of six-year-old Alesha Macphail on the same social media site. 

Glasgow Times:

The account features a doctored image of 18-year-old Campbell with a spliff and brags, "The man the myth the legend. This page may offend you so if you don’t like it then go away. I killed Alesha lol''.

A page dedicated to preserving the memory of the schoolgirl urged the social media giant to remove the account - although the profile was still active today.

The appeal said: 'The more people who report this account the faster it will be taken down.

"This person is commenting on photographs of Alesha on Instagram saying things in the nature of ‘oh sh** I didn’t mean to kill her, sorry’.

"This as you can imagine is extremely upsetting to Georgina.''

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Glasgow Times:

Alesha's mum Georgina Lochrane, 25, added: ''The police can't and won't do nothing so can't be reported to them thank you everyone for reporting if you do this it should get removed.

''This thing has already tried to follow me, one sick mother f*****.

''My poor baby she can't just be left to rest.''

Campbell was just 16 when he was convicted of killing the schoolgirl on the Isle of Bute in July, 2018.