THERE is no doubt about it - lockdown has left my skin feeling dull and dry.

Staring at a computer screen indoors for months on end means my face screaming out for some TLC.

The FTT Skin Clinics, who have a base in Hamilton, offer facials suited directly to your skin type - which seemed the perfect place to start.

Glasgow Times:

I opted for the WOW facial which works in six stages. First your skin is cleansed and resurfaced to remove make up and dirt. I was then treated to a peel which felt a bit nippy but manageable. The next stage includes dermaplaning which helps take away dead skin cells to make your skin glow.

Glasgow Times:

In an unusual step, I was offered a fusion cocktail for the first time. Clinical director Frances Turner Traill told me my skin was congested - due to my overuse of fake tan and daily heavy foundation base. Her cocktail for me took that on board and worked to tackle acne breakouts by pricking the fusion into my skin. The next stage involved some light therapy and wearing a mask before we finished off.

This treatment is bespoke to your skin and means the products you are treated with are truly unique to you.

Glasgow Times:

A lot of the treatments were new to me so I did ask a lot of questions and found Frances to be extremely helpful. She also put me at ease.

I feel with facials you see the true effects days after the treatment and I am still in those early stages. I, however, love my skin getting a proper clean which it definitely needed and others have commented that my face looks brighter.

Glasgow Times:

The facial is described by Frances as a workout for the skin and it delivers on that tackling all the problem areas. It is popular with brides and people who want to find a solution to their breakouts.

Prices are available upon request and more information can be found at

If you wish to try out a treament at FTT Clinics, here are their top tips and explainers on what is on offer:

1.      First of all if you haven’t already please book an online skin consultation. So many of us don’t know what to put on our skin or when. We all want beautiful, glowing skin but many are overwhelmed with all the products that are available to us. At FTT we can consult with you via video first of all after we’ve got to know you a little first, about your skin, your lifestyle, and any issues that bother you in particular. 

2.      Skin care  what you do at home everyday twice a day cannot be underestimated but only if you're shown, guided and understand what you do and why.  A bespoke skin ritual using the right products for your skin is the way forward. 

3.      Bespoke FTT facials are extremely useful - our skin experts have vast experience of all things skin, the best skin care products to hand also at our fingertips we have cutting edge technologies in our clinic to deliver excellent results and healthy glowing skin. We advise regular monthly in clinic treatments.

4.      Wrinkle relaxing treatments - Safe, effective and over 30 million treatments carried out in the UK each year. It’s all about keeping a natural touch to enhance your beauty.

5.      Profhilo the injectable moisturizer face, neck, décolletage hands. Was the most popular treatment in 2020 before lockdown and has been the most requested along with wrinkle relaxing coming out of lockdown.

6.      FTT Medical Weight loss programme which includes prescription injection pens and a CoolSculpting machine to help with hard to shift localized pockets of fat.

7.      Skin tightening - HIFU EXILIS for face and body. 

8.      Dermal fillers Ellanse - to revolumise and to stimulate collagen.

9.      Microneedling/Plasma Shower -  mesotherapy to stimulate and strengthen collagen and elastin too.

10.   Silhouette Soft once you’ve got the foundations in place now is a good time to look at repositioning skin that’s making you feel a little saggy. We strongly believe in combination treatments to get the best longest lasting natural results. We often combine SS threads with HIFU, and / or Ellanse depending on your need.