GLASGOW Times readers have called for the Education Secretary to go after a huge U-turn over downgraded exam results.

John Swinney announced yesterday that 75,000 pupils will receive a higher grade than was awarded by the SQA after outrage was sparked by a marking system opposition politicians and education commentators said discriminated against pupils from schools in poor areas.

Glasgow Times reader Graham Boyle asked: “Does this clown actually pick up a wage?”

More outraged readers called for Mr Swinney’s resignation. John McCartney said: “Useless! A vote of no confidence for the whole SNP.”

Jim Dempsey called the episode - which saw schoolchildren protest grades they felt were unfair - “another cock-up from the SNP”.

Natalie Monaghan accused the government of self-interest in its decision to overturn downgraded SQA grades after a motion of no-confidence was tabled against the Deputy First Minister.

She wrote: “Swinney must go. Some kids have been left with no university place because of this shambles. If Sturgeon had a majority she would have happily let this continue. She’s got more faces than the town hall clock.”

Some readers praised Mr Swinney’s decision to overturn grades. Reader Jackie Chalmers thought that the Education Secretary had done “the right thing”.