MY son goes back tomorrow [Wednesday] and I’m terrified and appalled that face coverings haven’t been made compulsory in schools (Scotland’s schools return sparks fresh virus spread fears, Glasgow Times online).

Kids are great and have followed all the rules through this like the champs that they are and would wear a mask in school if asked to do so, I’m sure.

As long as they are not exempt on health reasons then it should have been made mandatory.

Masks reduce the risk to them and others. It’s compulsory in shops, libraries, etc and on public transport, so why not in schools to protect our young?

Six hours a day, five days a week is way too long to expose them to the risk of this virus with no face covering to protect them at all. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Fiona MacKenzie

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WHY are permanent measures taking place in the name of Covid-19 (Several city centre streets will be subject to roadworks from today – here is what drivers need to know, Glasgow Times online).

I was under the impression that this was a temporary thing and had hoped that everything would eventually get back to normal.

If these works do need to proceed, why weren’t they carried out when the roads were quieter at the beginning of this Covid thing? Streets and green areas full to overflowing with rubbish but money for this.

Anne McCurley

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NEITHER the Scottish nor the New Zealand government are responsible for decisions taken by individuals, however well intended (‘I am stuck here’: Woman pleads for help in bid to get home to New Zealand, Tuesday).

You chose to travel accepting any possible consequences.

If it’s needing to be explained to why the airline insists on a negative test before flying, then I’m astounded really.

Why shouldn’t you pay for testing, instead of demanding the NHS does? The only absurd thing here is expecting others to deal with the repercussions of your actions.

Robert Prow

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WELL done to all the public transport workers who have been keeping our country moving during this difficult time.

I don’t think they receive the appreciation they deserve for all their hard work and dedication.