A PROBE has been launched after a Rangers player received sickening racist abuse on social media. 

Gers star Alfredo Morelos was sent the shocking messages by users during a livestream on Instagram for his charity last night. 

It's the latest incident of abuse directed at the Colombian, 24, online following a deluge of messages during a similar post last month. 

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Greg Marshall, Rangers SLO, confirmed police had been made aware of the incident. 

He wrote: "For supporters asking about comments made online towards one of our players late last night, the police are aware and we will update in due course."

The Ibrox Club has taken a strong stance against racist comments directed at its players in recent week following their public support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Gers defender Connor Goldson was among those targeted by bigots on social media, posted by alleged Rangers fans. 

Ibrox supremo Stewart Robertson later released a strongly worded statement condemning the supporters. 

The club's managing director wrote last month:  "Alfredo Morelos was the victim of racist abuse via social media on Friday evening. This hate crime is now subject of a police investigation.

Glasgow Times: Connor Goldson hit out at bigots last month Connor Goldson hit out at bigots last month

"This is unacceptable, cannot be tolerated and must be condemned by everyone in Scottish football and society as a whole.

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"Furthermore, as a club, we stand firmly behind our players who have taken a knee prior to recent games. This is a strong stance against racism.

"To be clear, if you are unable to support our players, regardless of their background, you are not welcome at Ibrox. Rangers is a club for all."

The Premiership outfit were widely praised from across the political divide for the strong stance against racism. 

The Glasgow Times has contacted Police Scotland