AS a member of the general public I attended the recent protest organised by nurses at Glasgow Green.

I would first like to congratulate all those who organised the event, unfortunately the apathy that is now present in this society was clearly there for all to see when I saw the lack of people not employed in these services.

The response from the general public in my opinion was more than disappointing it was a disgrace. This was a perfect opportunity for the residents of this city to stand beside all those who work in OUR Health Service and OUR caring services and to show we care about them.

No-one is blind or deaf as to what is happening to these public services, so where were you?

Equally missing was a combined attendance from the trade union movement, where were you?

There will be other chances to attend these protests, I hope to see them better attended or will you be too busy AGAIN?

Michael Tolland


I NOTE the council is planning to widen several street pavements in the city centre.

The council is saying to avoid these streets for the duration. I am thinking they haven’t consulted with the Chamber of Commerce or local businesses, instead of attracting footfall they are driving residents and visitors away.

Who wants to sit in a traffic

jam for hours to visit the city centre when people can go straight to Braehead or Silverburn? It would seem one council department is working against another.

Name and address supplied

I RECEIVED a phone call this morning. It said it was from the HMRC and informed me there was a ongoing investigation concerning a tax fraud in my name.

I attempted to ask questions, regarding what they were saying, but the voice on the line just kept going, I soon realised that it was a automated call.

What they said to me was: “This is the HMRC, if you do not continue this call and press one there will be a arrest warrant issued in your name.”

I cut off the call. I have contacted the HMRC and informed them but can I make readers aware of it? If they receive calls like this, cut off the call, and contact the HMRC.

Jim Tees

Via email

I NOTE that once again Sheriff Martin Jones QC seems, in my opinion, to be adopting the softly, softly approach with serious offenders.

Thug escapes custodial sentence and receives 150 hours of unpaid work (Glasgow Times, Tuesday).

Serious crimes including murder are on the increase and perhaps those who break the law can foresee the “consequences” before those who administer it.

At 85 I well remember the razor slashing gangs in Glasgow during the 1950/60. Then along came Lord Carmont who sat in the High Court and made it very clear to all that “anyone” appearing before him for carrying or using a blade would receive the maximum sentence, which I think, was five years. Lo and behold, blade crimes almost disappeared overnight. A coincidence – I think not!

Perhaps Lord Carmont was one of the few who considered the victim when sentencing wrongdoers.


East Kilbride