Drew McIntyre has opened up on the Speaking Out movement which has rocked the professional wrestling world over social media.

Hundreds of men and women from within the industry took to Twitter and Facebook last month to detail moments - as professionals or fans - where they were taken advantage of by others within the sport. Some allege to have been sexually assaulted while others claim they were abused both physically and emotionally.

Glasgow Times:

The rally prompted WWE and other wrestling promotions to suspend and even fire some employees over the allegations. Glasgow-based company Insane Championship Wrestling released a statement amid the movement saying inappropriate conduct is not tolerated. But now WWE champion and Ayr-born McIntyre has given his thoughts on the issue.

Glasgow Times:

The 35-year-old was proud to see so many brave women and men step forward with their stories. And he wants anyone affected to continue using their voice to stamp out any unacceptable behaviour and keep pro-wrestling safe for all. “It’s horrible,” he told Glasgow Times. “I think in 2020 there’s been a few difficult conversations that needed to be had. Clearly it’s a conversation that had to come up and I’m glad it did. In future it’s going to kick out a lot of things that shouldn’t have been part of wrestling in the first place, everyone is going to be better for it.

“I want everyone to be comfortable in the wrestling environment, I’m disappointed in a lot of people that we worked so hard to build something and the fact that that was going on was very, very upsetting. Please keep making your voices heard, we want wrestling to be a safe and comfortable place for everyone and it absolutely will be going forward.

“That’s the one positive we can take from 2020, that a lot of uncomfortable conversations are happening, but it’s all for the good.”