YEARS ago a friend of mine was learning Spanish, so one Christmas time he decided to take his young family on holiday to Spain. Imagine his surprise to find the hotel full of Spanish pensioners.

He engaged them in conversation one mealtime, only to find that the Spanish Government had paid for a week’s holiday for them all, which was an annual event.

Contrast the generosity of their government compared with the meanness of the British Government which has taken away the free TV licence for 75 and over pensioners here in the UK.

Scrooge is alive and well, walking the corridors of Westminster and the BBC.

It begs the question, how can those people who make these decisions sleep easy at nights?

Len Burns

Via email

WITH regards to the letter in the Glasgow Times on Monday concerning the Alexander Great Hotel.

I have friends who stay near this and they have told me that since lockdown they have complained to their MP Alison Thewliss and police about this problem but to no avail.

I’ve been told that people have been getting harassed and in broad daylight having sex.

Margaret Smith


I’M in my 80s and I would like to make a comment about all these “SNP supporters” antics.

Firstly, the mob who gathered at the M74 displaying banners warning English to stay away from Scotland, then there was an incident at Central Station where three individuals displayed another banner saying “England get out of Scotland”.

The M74 group included an MSP from the SNP. In both occasions, they were only told by police to move on. To me they should have been charged with racism.

But then again, it was the SNP who took part. Then comes a regular Glasgow Times letters correspondent stating he/she wants all borders in Scotland closed “permanently” for English people coming here.

It would fit them better to ask Nicola Sturgeon when she is going to do something for the elderly as she throws money right, left and centre to everybody except for old folk who worked all their lives and paid their dues and “stuck” to her instructions to isolate for 16 weeks.

God help us all as Ms Sturgeon doesn’t think old people matter in this country.

Angry GG

OUR story on calls for a U-turn on hospital parking charges ahead of their return next month sparked many comments from readers. Here’s a selection...

THERE should be no other hospitals in Glasgow charging for parking.

Betty McCormick

Posted online

ALL staff should say they won’t vote SNP at the next election and watch them change policy on parking.

Stephen Lyle

Posted online

YOU pay £100+ a month for the parking with NO guarantees of even getting a space!

Paul Reid

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AN unfortunate, but necessary evil in these times of hardship for so many (Bank to slash hundreds of branch roles, Thursday).

Let’s just hope those workers who lose their jobs are able to find other employment, or

get a reasonable redundancy package. I’m sure the CEO and other top officials could take a pay cut. Ahem!

Jill Ferguson

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Readers had their say online on whether they think it is safe for pupils to be back in the classroom...

WHAT worries me is primary and secondary schools have different guidelines for pupils.

My grandchildren go to a primary school which is joined on to the secondary and both used the dining hall.

Margaret Marshall

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WILL it ever be safe really? But it’s as normal as it’s going to be right now and our kids need schooling.

Margaret Marshall

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ADULTS in Aberdeen couldn’t stop the spread of the virus yet we expect children to be able to do so.

Anyone who thinks it’s possible has clearly forgotten what happens when something like head lice happens in a school.

Yes, it’s less likely for kids to die from the virus, but this doesn’t stop them from catching it and spreading it to their families.

Yasmin MacKenzie

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NOT yet. It’s too soon for them to return.

Cliff Shearer

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