SECURITY has been stepped up at Greenock's biggest pub after THREE vicious attacks over the weekend.

Police rushed to the busy James Watt in Cathcart Street late on Friday night following an unprovoked assault on a man in the gents toilet.

Staff were also forced to call for help twice the next day.

A yob spat in a customer's face and then a man was punched in the face in an unprovoked assault in the beer garden.

Owners Wetherspoon have told the Tele they have a 'zero-tolerance' approach to anti-social behaviour.

They have vowed to step up security in a bid to prevent any more disturbances.

A spokesman said: “Wetherspoon takes the safety and well-being of our staff and customers very seriously and will not tolerate anti-social or criminal behaviour of any kind.

“We employ a robust system of safety and security, including the employment of door staff and CCTV.

"The James Watt Greenock is a very well-run pub and incidents of this nature are rare.

“These incidents, on Friday and Saturday, were unprovoked and unexpected and therefore, unfortunately, unpreventable.

"However, staff reacted quickly and dealt with each situation promptly and efficiently, informing police and assisting with their enquiries.

“The door staff team has been increased and hours extended, as a precautionary measure.”

The man who was attacked on Friday night was left with a facial injury.

The next day staff called the police again when two men reacted angrily when they were told to leave the premises.

One of them smashed a door and then spat on another customer.

Later on Saturday night, around 9pm, a man was punched in the face in an another unprovoked assault.

This followed reports in the Tele last week about complaints from customers that there was a lack of social distancing in the premises following its reopening after lockdown.

Licensing board convenor Ronnie Ahlfeld is now aware of the latest incidents.

He said: "We are working very closely with licensed premises right now. "Our priority is to make sure that staff and customers are safe.

"In general terms it is a very difficult time right now following the lockdown."

Any witnesses to any of the disturbances at the James Watt are urged to contact the police on 101 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.