CINEMA staff have raised concerns after professional cleaning services were axed at the ODEON Quay venue.

Daily cleaning procedures conducted by an external team of dedicated contract cleaners have been stripped back to three days per week due to a decreased footfall.

Staff have said that they will now be expected to perform the same quality and level of work as the professional cleaners.

Only they have limited hours to get the job done before and after the building is open to the public on the remaining four days.

Glasgow Times:

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They fear that standards will not be met in the new allocated cleaning times and have raised concerns for customer’s health and safety.

One worker, who wish not to be named, told the Glasgow Times: “Staff are expected to perform the same quality level of work in limited hours allocated before and after the building is open on the remaining four days.

“We were not consulted regarding this, despite it being a significant change in operating procedure. There has also been no updated health and safety risk assessment to reflect the new conditions.

“There is widespread concern that we will not be afforded the time to clean the premises to an acceptable standard considering the current pandemic and that management have enacted this as a cost-saving measure with little regard to the potential impact.”

An e-mail to staff seen by the Glasgow Times reads: “You’ll notice on the rota there are four mornings a week and four evenings a week where I have scheduled cleaning shifts.

“These are to get the cinema clean and up to standards on days where we no longer have contract cleaners in.

“On these days we will be cleaning screens in the evenings and the foyer/toilets will be done before opening.”

Another member of staff claimed that the cinema chain is “exploiting minimum wage workers” as she said Odeon Quay had not issued the workers professional cleaning training.

She said: “A few days ago the staff at Odeon Quay were issued with a new extensive cleaning list. This list would have been completed by contract cleaners who are trained to use equipment.

Glasgow Times:

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She added: “We haven’t received any training or been supplied with an official email regarding the change.

“They are exploiting minimum wage workers by not increasing the wage to match that of the cleaners.”

ODEON said that due to the recent lack of footfall to the cinema, the requirement for daily contract cleaning services is no longer needed.

They did however add that this will be subject to change depending on an uptake in business.

A spokesman for ODEON said: “It is our pledge that each and every one of our cinemas operates to the highest standards of cleanliness. This is a pledge that we will not compromise.

“On reopening our Glasgow Quay site, we have introduced more frequent and more thorough cleaning routines throughout the cinema.

“The day-to-day cleaning of our cinemas has always been undertaken by our trained in-house colleagues, and this approach has not changed.

“Given the effectiveness of our own thorough cleaning measures, coupled with lower footfall as a result of social distancing, we do not currently require the services of contract cleaners seven days a week.

“This will remain under review and is subject to change, in line with any increase in daily footfall through the cinema.

“We have confidence in our robust cleaning procedures, and our colleagues will continue to be given the full time, training and resources required to ensure that our highest standards are maintained.”