RANGERS have binned a contract with the delivery company responsible for undelivered kits to fans. 

The team announced that fans will be refunded over the debacle, which saw thousands of kits pre-ordered to fans not delivered. 

In an email sent to Gers fans, the club said: "A third-party courier appointed to deliver a number of the packages unfortunately encountered issues outside Castore and the club’s control, which has left some supporters disappointed, as products did not arrive as expected. 

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"Castore has appointed a new supplier to deliver Rangers products in the expected manner. 

"The previous level of customer service falls below the standard both Castore and Rangers expect and will never be acceptable."

The club pointed out that only 3% of orders were impacted and said that "over 100,000 packages" were successfully delivered around the world

The email added: "The Castore and Rangers partnership has already proved that it will be the most valuable commercial partnership in the club’s recent history and will have a profound impact on the clubs commercial standing. Make no mistake, your loyalty will have a direct impact on the future of Rangers Football Club. 

"Supporter engagement and customer service will remain central to any shared success and an integral focus at every stage of the new partnership."

A Hermes spokeswoman said: "We are unaware of this allegation.  Hermes does not have a contract with Castore but with its delivery partner, Seko, and this relationship is ongoing. As previously stated there has been very few issues regarding delivery of this kit with over 100,000 successfully delivered.”

We told earlier this month how a probe was launched amid claims thousands of Rangers shirts have been damaged by saboteurs. 

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Several Gers supporters have taken to social media after their new Castore gear was allegedly sabotaged.

There are claims as many as 2000 packages have been damaged whilst en route with Hermes to fans of the Light Blues this week.

A Hermes spokeswoman said at the time: "We are currently investigating this but so far we have not found anything to substantiate these claims."

Hermes has been contacted for further comment.