BANNING music is a step too far (Strict new rules for pubs and restaurants, Glasgow Times online).

So the people who follow all the Covid rules, can’t even listen to some music now because First Minister Nicola Sturgeon thinks there is a risk of spreading Covid!

She didn’t say or do anything when people were protesting and running riot around the city breaking Covid rules. Doing what suits them to certain groups.

Jacqueline Smith

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WOULD like to see the science behind all this. How does playing background music spread Covid?

Jacqueline Smith

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HOW come shops and hairdressers can play music but pubs can’t?

Tom Smith

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HAVING watched the recent BBC Two program on Castro’s Cuba, I was most impressed by the diplomacy of Barack Obama.

In a statement like manner he addressed a serious issue concerning a Cuban being held in Prison by the Americans, for being allegedly responsible for shooting down of an American civilian plane over Cuba.

Obama also removed some of the trading restriction imposed on Cuba by America, which helped the Cuban rapidly sinking economy to survive.

Since coming to power, Donald Trump, has claimed that this was a one sided agreement by Obama, and that he will tear it up.

This is a typical comment by the unhinged Trump, who claimed he would make America “ great again”.

We can only hope that this danger to world peace [Donald Trump] is removed from office in November.


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YESTERDAY was my last day of quarantine after returning home from a week’s holiday to Tenerife (France among new countries added to quarantine list amid coronavirus concerns, Glasgow Times online).

I felt safer in Tenerife than I do here home in Scotland.

The quarantine is a total farce. You need to provide details and contact details of where you will be during quarantine, so you can be checked up on to make sure you’re following the rules.

Lo and behold no-one checked up on me or my pal who were in quarantine.

Bryan Phillips

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NO, I don’t like it (What do you think of the new-look Queen Street Station? Glasgow Times Facebook).

Glasgow is losing all the fabulous buildings that gave it its character.

I would not give it a second glance.

Bobbie Carmichael

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ONLY if people use them properly

and recycle the right way in the first place

(Should more funds go to recycling services? Glasgow Times Facebook).

The amount of recycling bins that go to landfill due to being contaminated with the wrong waste is still too high.

Also we’re falling well below our target of how much we are recycling.

It’s unbelievable that in this day and age some people are still to stupid, lazy, selfish, or unable to separate their recycled materials effectively.

If you can’t, or won’t do it properly then don’t do it at


I say this from seeing the way people put all of the wrong items in their blue bins and unknowingly make them end up in landfill.

Jill Ferguson

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