Archive footage of a "pub grub revolution" in the 80's has left Glaswegians confused. 

An old report from BBC Breakfast Time in 1983 revealed quiche pies to be a growing craze for pub lunches in Glasgow - and the flavour combinations have not left people convinced. 

BBC presenter Reevel Alderson's report about the "special pies" revealed flavours including turkey and bitter chocolate, pear and baked beans, and banana quiche. 

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The presenter himself deemed the turkey and chocolate as "pretty unusual" at the time. 

But the trend clearly did not last catch on and Twitter did not shy away from expressing their thoughts on the combinations. 

One social media user wrote: "If it’s no’ deep fried it’ll never catch on."

Another was shocked by the proposed combinations and wrote: "Turkey and chocolate???"

A third added: "This 1983 Glasgow pub quiche craze video is everything you need this morning."

One said: "'Turkey and Bitter Chocolate' surely not a combination under any circumstances."

Would you want to try one of the pies? With the baked beans, of course, they are "essential" after all.