A minute's silence will be held in train stations across the country on Wednesday as a tribute to the victims of the Stonehaven crash. 

Nine people were on board the 6.38am ScotRail service from Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street on Wednesday.

Three people died in the tragic incident including driver Brett McCullough, 45, conductor Donald Dinnie, 58, and passenger Christopher Stuchbury, 62.

The minute's silence will be held at 9.43 am on August 12, marking exactly one week since the derailment was reported. 

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It has been confirmed by investigators that the train struck a landslip causing it to derail in Aberdeenshire. 

Investigators confirmed on Friday that the train slid for around 100 yards before hitting a bridge. 

Alex Hynes, Scotland’s Railway Managing Director, said: “Scotland’s Railway, and the railway across much of Britain, will fall silent on Wednesday to mark the passing of Brett, Donald, and Christopher.

“Our hearts remain broken and will do for a long time.

"We hope that by coming together as a railway family, along with the local community and people across the country, we can support one another through this horrendous time.

“The strength of support and offers of help from railway colleagues across the rest of Britain has been a real source of comfort.”