THE Government has correctly enforced the use of a face mask to cover mouth and nose while in a shop or supermarket but, as I have witnessed several times, some people only cover their mouth.

Are they serious? Do they know something that most of us and the Government don’t know or are they plain stupid? Sorry for griping but the matter is a serious one and if don’t start to act responsibly we’ll end up in a more critical situation than the one we are in just now.


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WHY do some youngsters think they are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport?

It’s a disgrace. They have no respect for the rules.

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THERE are reports that Boris Johnston is indicating that social distancing could end by November. Really?

What does he know that the world’s health community don’t? Absolutely no chance of this happening.

More unthinking rubbish from a PM who never engages brain before mouth.


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AS well as the NHS staff, we also owe a debt of gratitude to the post-war Labour Government, that was elected in 1945, with Clement Attlee (right) becoming Prime Minister.

Despite strong opposition from the British Medical Association and the Conservative Party, under the leadership of Winston Churchill, the Labour Party introduced a National Health Service in 1948.

The foresight in setting up the NHS by Labour, has been more than a godsend to the majority of the people, especially in the current crisis, where the Coronavirus has claimed many lives during the recession of the 1930s, the country with its massive unemployment, was under the control of the Conservative Party, who paid lip service to the medical needs of the people.

Unable to pay for a doctor, the unemployed had to rely on charitable organisations for medical consultation.

I remember as a five-year-old in 1938, being brought to the Medical Mission Centre, situated in Oxford Street in the Gorbals, to see a doctor. At the Dispensary for a small monetary sum you received the doctors prescribed medicine. Therefore any attempt by the current Tory Government or any others, to dismantle the NHS by stealth or cutting funding, should be sternly resisted by the voters.


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