A MUM is refusing to send her son to a Covid-19 cluster hit school in Glasgow's East End. 

Sharon Cullen fears pupils at Bannerman High are "being used as guinea pigs" following a number of positive cases of the virus. 

Health bosses insist the education hub is safe, despite one child attending the school last week. 

Sharon, whose son is in S1, told Radio Clyde News: "I feel our kids are getting used as guinea pigs if I'm totally honest with you. First the elderly in care homes and now they're doing it with kids in schools. 

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"He is very anxious, he's got autism and he's worried about him catching it and bringing it home to mum and his big brother. 

"He's telling me he's not going back until it's absolutely cleared. 

"He's wanting answers as well, he's wanting to know what the next stage is. I'm not from that area, so my son is travelling into a different area and then coming home again."

The cluster at the Baillieston school has been linked to house parties and is connected to an outbreak in Lanarkshire. 

There is currently no evidence the transmission occurred within the Bannerman and other pupils and staff are being advised to attend as normal.

Sharon, who lives in Pollok, fears the virus could be spread through the city by pupils. 

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"If he picks it up, he's bringing it back to another area in Glasgow, which could have that domino affect again," she told Radio Clyde News this morning. 

"We've kept ourselves in all through summer since March like they asked us to, and now they're telling no - you've kept your kids in, but now it's okay to go to school with thousands of children. 

"it's just crazy to me. The school should get shut down."