AS a nurse in NHS GGC, we have just had the final instalment of our agreed three-year deal (NHS workers in pay rise protest, Glasgow Times online).

Now is time to negotiate for next year.

We should allow these to go ahead before talk of strikes or anything.

Even though recent times have been exceptional, we at least have permanent jobs. My fear is for those furloughed and what happens at the end of this scheme for many of those folk. I am sure many will be paid off.

Pauline McIlroy

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I THINK Glasgow City Council doesn’t want to admit its food waste bin initiative and its cancellation of the free bulk uplift service have been a disaster.

Members of Parliament are asking their colleagues and Zero Waste Scotland if they know of the council has asked for more money to clean the city.

You only have to look at the filled food waste bins in backcourts, piles of mattresses, couches, TVs dumped along the Clyde and on unused ground.

How would the politicians feel if someone fly-tipped material at George Square?

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OUR article on Scottish school pupils ‘breaking quarantine rules’ after trips abroad sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection...

IT’S the parents fault bringing them back from holiday and putting them into school.

It makes me so angry. parents should be fined hard for this.

June Campbell

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ABSOLUTELY shocking, putting everyone else at risk!

Should be ashamed of themselves. Hope they get fined.

Amy McKenna

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IT’S the Government’s fault for not banning these trips abroad.

Schools shouldn’t be open just now

Gary Aiton

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THAT’S an absolute disgrace. The parents should be fined.

Dot McCloy

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OH well, if footballers don’t get punished...

Helen Grieve

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HARDLY the pupils’ fault when they are doing what their parents tell them.

Nicola Carlyle

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