PROPOSALS to develop an eight-storey block of flats made up of 33 apartments has been given the green light.

Despite 23 letters of objection and a petition with 54 signatures, 11 one-bedroom and 22 two-bedroom flats will be built at the site between Laurieston Road and Crown Street.

The affordable and social rented accommodation will be managed and let by the New Gorbals Housing Association (NGHA).

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The NGHA which was set up over 30 years ago has played an important role in the regeneration of Gorbals.

With this specific site, they have confirmed that they have allocated the remainder of the larger street block to the shops and office development to the south and the carpark to the south west of it.

Concern had been previously raised by members of the planning committee who were worried that the area wouldn’t be child friendly.

Residents also felt that the building would be out of character from the rest of the area, overlook and overshadow the neighbouring flats and there has been inadequate public engagement from the housing association.

Labour councillor Jane Morgan had questioned the lack of a children’s play area and had asked for further information from the developer.

It has since been pointed out that apartments would be designed to appeal mainly to adults and not families.

Members have also been advised that that an error was made in the original proposal which informed the council that the development would be made up of a mixture of two and three-bedroom flats instead of one and two-bedroom flats.

The plans were discussed at an online planning committee on Tuesday.

Ms Morgan said: “At the last meeting I raised queries regarding these proposals and whether these flats would be advertised to families as it was not clear in the application.

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“This new information is helpful and changes the picture for me at last.”

Councillor Martin Bartos, of the Green party, who had also questioned the plans said he echoed Ms Morgan’s thoughts.

He added: “I too find the explanation in the report helpful. I just wonder if there is a need for amenity space even though the residents are likely to be adults.

“There is open space nearby so I am content with that.”

Chairman and councillor Glenn Elder proposed that the committee approved the application which was agreed unanimously.