WELLHOUSE Housing Associations’ income advice officer has secured more than £2.4 million in financial gains through her work in advocacy and income maximisation.

Laura Reilly – who joined WHA in 2018 – is credited with helping more than 420 residents in the north-east Glasgow area with benefits and debt-related issues by determining all the payments they are entitled to. 

For one tenant, her work resulted in successfully overturning their son’s Personal Independence Payment and Carer’s Allowance application rejection.

The tenant will also receive their own disability premiums that leave the family £2200 better off every month.

In another case, Laura helped a tenant secure a housing benefit refund of more than £4000 and for them to continue receiving housing support payments.

Laura’s work also sees a Wellhouse resident’s income increase by £291.17 every month after having their Universal Credit allowance reassessed to include disability and carer payments.

 Laura said: “I am proud that I have been able to provide a much-needed service for our tenants, particularly with fuel debt and fuel grants, and it is important to me that I help as many people as possible to secure what they are entitled to. 

 “It can be a daunting process, but I can help throughout the process from form filling, applying for crisis support to providing guidance on appeals.” 

Laura also saw a local renter having a £4000 energy debt written off though back billing adjustments and grants.

WHA’s chairman, Darron Brown, said many more tenants could benefit from the service and is urging them to get in touch.

 He said: “We understand that the benefit system can be complex and challenging so our income advice service is a real lifeline for so many of Wellhouse’s residents.

"In Laura we have the hardest working and most dedicated income advice officer in Scotland who is delivering a vital service to our tenants. 

 “Securing £2.4m worth of welfare money over two years is no easy task."

Any WHA tenant who would benefit from this support can contact Laura on 0141 781 1884.