REGARDING your writer’s letter (Thursday) about the hordes of schoolchildren storming on to a bus and not paying, despite being told there were only five seats available.

The driver should have put on the hazards and called the police to have them removed. These kids are a menace to themselves and others.

A friend spotted a number of them strolling around Hogganfield Loch during school lunch break swigging from cans of beer.

They think they are invincible to this virus but I think they are going to be the starting point for any second wave. They, and some of their parents, just don’t care.



I AM writing with disappointment about the continual mocking of local shops in Maryhill by the Labour Party candidate for my constituency.

By making sarcastic comments on Twitter comparing the design of the marvellous new Queen St station to the Tesco and Maryhill he is belittling our local community through mockery.

I, for one, think the redesign at Queen Street is stunning and the workers who have spent the last few years rebuilding it should be applauded, not have their work mocked by juvenile political candidates.

Susanne Smith


YOUR article about Glasgow libraries in Tuesday’s Glasgow Times brought back some youthful memories.

Govanhill Library was the first library I was in, it was also the first time I was allowed to travel on a bus without parental supervision – yippee.

My friend and I would go once a week to the library and it was there that I found out Enid Blyton and all her great books.

I also found The Just William Books which I just loved.

The only time I ever got a book was at Christmas or on my birthday, so to be able to read a different book every week was great.

Needless to say I’ve enjoyed reading books ever since and have so missed my local library, Langside, being closed due to Covid – please may it open soon.


Via email

WE asked Glasgow Times readers via Facebook whether pupils should wear face coverings at school. Here’s a selection of comments...

ABSOLUTELY not. Most children/young adults won’t suffer any complications from catching Covid.

If need be protect elderly/immunosuppressed family members but let our children be children and stop scaremongering them.

So many kids are feeding off parents’ paranoia and it’s not good for their mental health.

If you’re so paranoid about your kids catching something that’s not much worse than a common cold or flu from being back at school, then take them out and homeschool them. I’m happy for my kids to be at school mixing with their friends and seeing them enjoying themselves instead of worrying themselves sick because of media reporting.

Peter Jove

I DO think the kids should wear masks while in class.

I don’t understand the logic of no social distancing measures between kids, but the teachers are social distancing from the kids?

Makes no sense and is risking the health of teachers, kids and their parents.

Jason Meikle

I AM so confused myself. Our kids are going with no distancing and in shops and malls and cinemas and public transport and airports.

There is this hype of distancing. Which one is right? Are the poor kids so strong that they will not catch it at all and will not bring anything back home to their elderly grans etc? So illogical!

Syed Junaid Hussain

SECONDARY yes, but understand it’s harder for primary kids. Better being safe in the end Wearing a mask doesn’t protect you but others wearing masks can protect you. I know it’s a bit uncomfortable but worth it in the end.

Stuart Clark

DEFINITELY, it’s a great protection for them and others.

Mary Smith